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 How to tell the differences between praise songs?
Solution The core concept of GospelKeys 300 is that praise songs follow patterns. Most of them fall into two categories:

1) The "A-B" songs
2) The "A-B-C-D" songs

(Of course, "Part E" is at the end of mostly all praise songs regardless of what pattern they follow).

"A-B" praise songs are usually call-and-response. If a song gives you a feeling of "call-and-response" (like singer says one thing and audience repeats same thing) or that it doesn't end, it is an "A-B" song.

If you get the feeling that a part of a song is ending and coming back around to the beginning of a song (a pause can usually indicate this because the singer is waiting for the song to wrap around to the beginning), this is usually an indication of a full "A-B-C-D" song. Your ear has to hear this but really it's just a matter of analyzing whether the song is CIRCULAR (singer says one thing, audience repeats same thing, singer says another thing very similar, audience repeats same thing... OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again) ---or--- LINEAR (a sense of one part going to a different part going to an even different part and finally going to what sounds like an ending part... and THEN, and only THEN repeating back to the beginning to do it all over again).

(I hope you understand this. If not, I encourage you to ask me further questions on the forum at as this help desk is mainly for technical issues but the real nitty gritty questions get answered on the forum).

Here are some songs that follow each of the patterns:

A-B Songs
(Mostly sung in Pentecostal, Apostolic and Baptist Churches)

1. God is a Good God
2. Have You Tried Jesus
3. The Devil Thought He Had Me
4. I Don't Know What You've Come To Do
5. I'm a Soldier
6. I Get Joy When I Think About
7. What Do You Know About Jesus
8. You Don't Know Like I Know, What He's Done for Me
9. Praise The Lord Everybody
10. I've Been Runnin' For Jesus A Long Time
11. If You Call On Jesus
12. Take the Lord Along With You
13. If You Can't Tell It, Let Me Tell It
14. My Mind's Made Up To Serve The Lord
15. I Believe I'll Run (See What The End's Going To Be)
16. If It Had Not Been For Jesus, Where Would I Be
17. Lay Your Hands On Me Jesus

E Only Songs
(Mostly sung in Pentecostal and Apostolic Churches)
19. Jesus Said It
20. Rivers of Living Water
21. What's His Name
22. Scriptures Said it
23. My Soul is a Witness
24. We Need Your Power, Power Lord
25. When I Think of the Goodness Of Jesus
26. My Soul Says Yes, Yes Lord
27. Believe On Me
28. I've Come To Praise His Name (Lift Him Up)
29. Jesus Will Work It Out
30. He's Been Good
31. Clap Your Hands, Praise The Lord
32. Hold Me Jesus
33. I Can Dance All Night

ABCD Songs
(Mostly sung in Baptist Churches)

34. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
35. When I Woke Up Early This Morning
36. This Little Light of Mine
37. Jesus is on the Mainline
38. Praise Him, Praise Him
39. I Believe I'll Testify
40. Bless That Wonderful Name of Jesus
41. Jesus Gettin' Us Ready For That Great Day
42. One Glad Morning (I'll Fly Away)
43. Glory Glory, Hallelujah
44. I'm On the Battlefield For My Lord
45. Jesus, I'll Never Forget
46. Old Landmark
47. I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me
48. Ninety-Nine and a Half Won't Do
49. This Joy That I Have
50. Let Us Sing 'Til The Power Of The Lord Come Down
51. Stop now, It's Praying Time
52. It's Another Day's Journey and I'm So Glad

Mixed Songs (A B C D E in different orders)
(Sung In Various Denominations)

53. What a Mighty God We Serve
54. Get Right Church and Let's Go Home
55. I've Got a Feeling
56. COGIC Theme Song
57. He's the Joy of My Salvation
58. Victory is Mine (version 1)
59. Victory, Victory Shall be Mine (version 2)
60. Oh, Magnify the Lord
61. He Has Made Me Glad
62. I Know It Was the Blood
63. I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me
64. This Is The Day
65. O, When the Saints Go Marchin' In
66. I've Been Running for Jesus A Long Time
67. We've Come To Praise Him
68. I Woke Up This Morning With My Mind Stayed On Jesus
69. It Will Be Alright
70. Love Lifted Me
71. What A Fellowship
72. In the Name of Jesus
73. Jesus, Be A Fence
74. I'm Enjoying Jesus, Hallelujah
75. I Feel Good Down In My Soul
76. More Abundantly
77. King Jesus (As Long as I Got King Jesus)
78. I've Got A Testimony
79. God's Got a Blessing For You.
80. Battlefield
81. I Love To Praise Him
82. Do Lord Remember Me
83. Go Tell It On the Mountain (fast)
84. Sign Me Up
85. Jesus Is Mine
86. I Love To Tell The Story
87. There's Power In The Blood
88. Faith, Faith, Faith, Just A Little Bit of Faith
89. Blessed Be The Name of The Lord
90. Joy Bells Keep Ringing In My Soul
91. Wonderful Counselor
92. Something Mighty
93. Hold Me In The Palm Of Your Hands
94. I Just Came To Praise The Lord

I hope this helps!

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